Weight Management
& Disease Prevention

This is a service under primary care
Weight Management and Disease Prevention

This program is for someone who wants to sustain weight loss. Losing weight is not only about losing those unwanted pounds, it is about keeping them off, gaining muscle mass, and looking and feeling fabulous with a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and exercise.

We use injectable, oral peptides, vitamins and  GLP-1 to give weight loss a boost. We believe in a healthy weight loss, which consists of commitment to a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and exercise. The program includes diet exercise coaching, and medications that are suitable for weight loss. We do not use any serotonergic medication, nor controlled medications.

This program is designed for individuals who would like to lose up to 15 %- 20 % of their body fat and be below obesity – overweight. We do not treat anyone who needs to lose more than 20 % of body fat. If someone needs that we can refer to specialists such as bariatric or more intense medical weight loss programs.

This program is also part of primary care, however with a different monthly subscription rate please contact us for more information. All medications for weight management are compounded from reputable pharmacies.

Initial evaluation

When you book your appointment the provider will conduct a detailed medical evaluation with the patient, lab work will be ordered and will discuss available subscription plans that are right for you. 

A second medical visit is conducted once lab work is resulted approximately one to two weeks after initial consultation. For the first 3 months the medical provider will have follow up visits with patients every 2 weeks, and then every month. Every detail of the program will be discussed at the time of the consultation.

Patient will answer a questionnaire to validate if the program is the right fit.

Initial consultation includes detailed medical history evaluation and program design.

Lab work

If lab work is needed, we will send the order to the lab the clinic has a contract with. Patients can use their insurance for this; or if a patient does not have insurance, we use a lab that provides reasonable rates.

We believe in commitment to therapy, being accountable, have realistic expectations and follow designed plans as prescribed and patients will obtain positive results.

Don’t waste time, it is never late to feel good about yourself and live a healthy life.