What is direct primary care?
Direct primary care is a type of primary care billing and payment prearrangement made between patients and medical providers, without sending claims to insurance providers. Patients have access to medical providers more frequently without the insurance interference on how health care should be provided. Memberships are affordable to patients and provide the needed time with their medical provider. Fees are up front and with reasonable rates. Most medications prescribed are generic forms that are affordable to patients, lab work and imaging are also available with reasonable rates.
How does the weight management program work?

The weight management is under direct primary care. We treat patients to prevent obesity and developing chronic diseases due to excess weight gain. We treat patients who needs to lose up to 20% of their body fat; not more. This program is not a medical weight loss that uses serotonergic medications and controlled substances. We use peptides and vitamins to boost weight loss the most and life modification with healthy habits.

How do the telemedicine visits work?

All visits are via telemedicine as we serve multiple states. All visits include any management or diagnosis of conditions that are suitable to be done via telemedicine. If the encounter needs a in person visit, the patient will need to be referred somewhere that will treat them in person. Medical visits are very convenient and patients can see medical provider from anywhere that internet is accessible.

How do I have access to my medical provider?
At Wellness with Style we believe that care needs to be personable and the patient-provider relationship relies on trust. Appointments are convenient and if patient needs an appointment that is not on the schedule, provider will make the best effort to accommodate patient’s needs. Medical provider can be reached thru email or text message.
If I have insurance, can I use it?

Patients can use insurance for the lab work and any imaging. We are a cash, affordable, monthly subscription practice that provide patients with more convenient experiences.

Are all the medications for weight management are injectables? How will I learn how to give myself an injection?

The majority of the medications are injectable because it works better. All injectables are subcutaneously (on fat tissue) with a very fine needle that is provided with the medication. Medical provider will educate and go over step-by-step on how to self- inject. Injections are very tolerable and usually with minimal pain.

Are the injections painful? Where Do I inject and will I be able to do it myself?

Injections are all subcutaneously, meaning is given on the fat tissue. Best places are on the abdomen or “side of the abdomen.” If someone else is helping, behind the arm is another place that is recommended for the injections. All these questions will be answered in detail on the follow up visit.The syringe with the needle provided is very fine and small and very tolerable by patients. Medical provider will go over in–depth education and demonstration prior to ordering medications. If a care giver would like to assist in giving injections that is helpful as well and medical provider will provide all needed education about how to inject, safety practices and needle disposal.If you are prescribed injections are given once a week. Other vitamins and peptides are variable.